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Bonga Online is nominated for "Best Casual MMO"

INTENIUM’s flagship Casual Multiplayer Online Game is in the short list to get the title “Best Casual Browser MMO of the year 2013”

Hamburg, January 15th, 2013 – INTENIUM GmbH, one of the leading publishers of games for female players in Europe, announced that its Casual Multiplayer Online Game is nominated for the title “Best Casual Browser MMO of the year 2013” presented by Game Genetics (www.de.mmooftheyear.com/categories).

Bonga Online is a simulation game where players create and nurture their own tribe on a primeval island. The game is launched in both standalone version (www.bonga-online.com) and as social networks app (www.apps.facebook.com/bonga-online/) with extension to mobile platforms already in the doing.

The competition for the title is already taking place for the 8th time and is one of the biggest honors for massively multiplayer online games in several categories each being awarded once by jurors and once by the audience. In the year 2012, according to Game Genetics, 500 000 visitors and 50 000 votes landed on the competition website. In 2013 with the addition of Latin America, these numbers are expected to be even bigger. The voting is taking place till February 15th, 2013.

INTENIUM GmbH is focusing on the female gaming audience and is one of the leading publishers of Casual games for Multiplayer -, Online - and PC- areas in Europe. The Hamburg-based company is operating and managing many gaming platforms and own IPs worldwide, including Bonga-Online.com, Alamandi.com and "DEUTSCHLAND-SPIELT!". INTENIUM constantly strengthens its international activities by having either direct presence or long-term partnerships in Europe and North America. The Publisher disposes of its own highly experienced development studio in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Press contact:
Alla Khramtsova
Tel. +49 40 2 549-4297
E-Mail: pr at intenium dot de

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