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A gamigo company

Intenium: Europe's first choise in casual games

For Developers

Whether you are developing Casual Downloadable Games or Multiplayer Online Games, we have something for you on offer:

  • Publishing of your product (with options for co-funding or full funding).

We have in-house Producing team as well as direct contact to the end-customers and the latest market data which allows us to directly implement the customer expectations into the products in the development. This, in its turn, provides for a better success chance of your game at the time of release.

In-house Community Management and Distribution teams ensure the constant promotional push and support for your game.

  • Distribution of your product through our broad network.

The distribution network of INTENIUM comprises own national (e.g. Deutschland-spielt.de) and international casual games portals (screenseven.com, laboutiquedesjeux.com, screenseven.co.uk, gamesvorriederem.nl) as well as important national (Bild.de, Sat1.de, Games RTL) and internationally-active partner portals. Since 2006, INTENIUM’s own CDs are carried by many leading retailers in Europe (MSH, Karstadt, Auchan, Bart Smit, Intertoys, Tesco, etc.).

Working with INTENIUM means:

  • Your game will obtain the broadest distribution in European countries (>500 mln total population);
  • Your downloadable game will receive a great visibility and longer life-cycle: we launch no more than 3-4 games per week;
  • Your game will be translated by experienced team who has been dealing with games for more than 5 years;
  • Your game will undergo thorough QA;
  • Your game may be launched in retail in Europe and be on shelves of all the relevant stores like Saturn, MediaMarkt, and others;

We always reply, we always pay. Each our developer is special to us because we take it personally and we care. to explore potential opportunities – don’t miss your revenues further.