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A gamigo company

Intenium: Europe's first choise in casual games

Leading European Publisher of Games for Females

INTENIUM is one of the leading European game publishers focused on female audience. INTENIUM develops, licenses and publishes casual multiplayer online games as well as casual downloadable computer games, that are easy to learn for everyone, on the international market. At the very dynamic and rapidly evolving market of games targeted at female audience INTENIUM is a very notable player.

The core target audience of the company is females 30+ years old. For users casual games are a great way to leave the everyday life troubles behind them and relax. Playing casual games also helps to develop logical thinking while having fun.

In recent years, INTENIUM has not only very well established itself on the German market, but also broadened its presence and business relationships to other European countries. Well-known internationally active web portals, media businesses, publishers and retailers are parts of its ever-growing distribution network and empower INTENIUM with strong media pressure targeted at consumers for the top products of INTENIUM.

The international distribution network of INTENIUM and complete coverage of the entire value chain - from concept elaboration to development and distribution - are the cornerstones of the dynamic business development and the increasing success of INTENIUM.